300 Schools. one organization

The goal of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon rebrand is to unite every dance marathon program in order to garner recognition for individual programs. Every program has the same goal, so we should be able to represent the same image. Through the rebrand, our individual organization is now directly connected to the mission of Children's Miracle Network. Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a new, unified name to provide the opportunity to connect all programs as the largest student-led, philanthropic movement benefiting children’s charities in North America. 

kudm: before and after the rebrand

The rebranding of the Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon logo allows us to unite with all other dance marathon organizations while still remaining true to our beloved crimson and blue. In the new logo, the flame represents the inner fire and spirit of the many kids who inspire us every day, while the blue cutout stays true to the CMNH balloon we are all familiar with.