So, you want to join a movement

Registering for KU Dance Marathon is easy. Registration takes place online through Children’s Miracle Network’s fundraising system: Donor Drive. Donor Drive is a great way to keep track of how much money you or your team has raised. You can complete this process by following these steps:

1. Follow the link to our Donor Drive. The information for KUDM will come up and you will have an option to either register or donate.

2. This step is important. When you register, you must pick your participant type. Here is each participant type explained:

Dancer: You are a student who wants to participate. There is a $25 fee. As a Dancer, you will receive a t-shirt, both lunch and dinner, and other amenities at the marathon.

Visitor: There is no fee associated with being a visitor. As a Visitor, you do not receive a t-shirt or any meals during the marathon. We provide the visitor option so that you can get a sense of what KU Dance Marathon is. We hope that your Visitor status changes to a Dancer status after or during your experience. 

Alumni Dancer: You are an alumni who wants to participate in our Decade of Dancing for the kids. There is a $25 fee. As an alumni dancer, you will receive a t-shirt, both lunch and dinner, and other amenities at the marathon.

3. Donor Drive will ask you to chose a role. You will have the option to participate as an individual or as a team. We highly encourage you to start a team! KU Dance Marathon is a great way to bond with your fraternity or sorority, your friends in your residence hall, your student org, your coworkers, your roommates, etc.

4. You will be asked to set a goal for yourself as a participant. Dancers are asked to raise at least $100 and Alumni Dancers are asked to raise at least $50 as part of their personal goals. 

5. You will be asked basic information, such as t-shirt sizes, allergy concerns, and emergency contact information. 

6. You will now create your Donor Drive account. Do not forget your login info! This is how you are able to check your status and update your profile. After creating your account, you will be asked to enter your credit card information for your registration fee. 

After registering, a thank you letter and link to your personal fundraising Donor Drive page will come up. Keep that link saved; this is the link you will send out to friends and family to reach your fundraising goal.

If you have any issues with Donor Drive, contact our Director of Finance, Alex Collier, at