Venmo is a quick way to ask your friends for small donations

Venmo is an app that allows you to request money from your friends. On our $100 Day Campaign, dancers would request $3 or $5 from their friends on Venmo. Believe us, a large amount of small donations adds up.

1. Open Venmo and search for your friends by name

2. Once you're on their profile, click the "Pay or Request" button

3. In the "To" line, you can add multiple names of people you'd like to request a donation from. 

4. Include the amount of dollars you'd like to request from your friends.

5. In the "What's it for?" text box, be specific that you're asking for a donation to KU Pediatrics. Here's a template:

Hello! KUDM is trying to raise $10,000 today for sick and injured kids at KU Pediatrics. If you choose to donate, your donation will be transferred to my Donor Drive account and will provide families with the financial support they need. Thank you!

6. At the end of the day, transfer all of the donations you receive to your bank account. Wait a day for the money to transfer to your account, then make a donation to yourself on your Donor Drive account.