Every penny counts

Not only does KUDM fundraise as a whole organization, but each participant also works throughout the year to fundraising to reach personal fundraising goals on Donor Drive. Every penny raised through Donor Drive gets added to our final reveal at the end of the marathon in the fall.

Utilize personal networks: Talk with friends, family, coworkers, peers, etc. Those personal connections account for a huge amount of fundraising from individuals each year. Reach out to family and friends across the country through social media, email or handwritten letters.

Social Media: Keep your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram up to date on your fundraising progress. Donor Drive will automatically connect to your social media accounts if you allow. Donor Drive will tweet for you when you get small donations.

Letter Writing: The lost art of writing letters is a great way to reach out to people! Family members or friends that are long distance respond well to a handwritten letters or emails. Write out your story and your experiences with KUDM and let them know what KUDM is about and how they can affect our local families.

Door-to-Door: Channel your inner girl/boy scout. We try to utilize the local Lawrence community, as well as our hometown communities, for our fundraising. Grab some flyers and head out into the neighborhood with some friends to do some face-to-face fundraising. You can download our door-to-door flyer here. Remember, wear a KUDM shirt, bring a buddy, don't enter any strangers' homes, and have fun!

Small Businesses: You know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, right? If you have personal connections with any small businesses, reach out and see how they can help. When talking about KUDM, remember to explain how KUDM helps local families and how the organization has affected your college experience. Also ask about donation matching.

Percentage Nights: Everyone loves an excuse to go out to eat. We hold percentage nights every few weeks during both fall and spring semesters. Grab your friends and get your grub on. Don't worry, it's For the Kids. Check our calendar to find out when our next percentage night is.