The Dance Marathon movement began in 1991.

Since then, $62 million dollars has been raised for the kids. About 300 schools nationwide organize their own dance marathon events, and 100% of the profits raised by the student-run organizations is given to their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.  

Dance Marathon is not just one day, the fundraiser lasts all year. To commemorate the final hours of the fundraiser, a celebration is held. Students, kids who are patients at the hospital, and their families come together for one big party to honor life, hope, and the spirit of the dance marathon movement.  Marathons can range from 12-46 hours long, and participants aren't allowed to sit down. Why? Because we dance for those who can't.

This indescribable event is ended with a final reveal of how much money was fundraised by the organization. Each year, schools are able to surpass their goals. One day, we will dance in celebration. Until then, we dance for a cure.

A brief history of the founding of CMN Hospital's Dance Marathon program-a history that will always be tied to one courageous boy's story.