KU Dance Marathon raises funds for KU Pediatrics, our local Children's Miracle Network hospital.

As members of KUDM, we understand that not all kids get to experience the same childhood memories that we did. Sometimes, kids need to prepare for their next surgery instead of preparing for college. They wear hospital bracelets instead of homecoming corsages. Their birthdays are filled with monitors beeping instead of friends singing. 

This is why we are we are #FightingForTheNext birthday party, holiday spent with families, middle school dance, day at the park, summer spent at camp, game-winning goal, "Rock Chalk" chant, and graduation cap tossed into the air. 

These memories are priceless. All kids should be able to experience them.

Members of KUDM write letters to themselves as kids, asking that they don't take their healthy lives for granted. This is why we fight.


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